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Take a Look Back at Fascinating George Best Interviews

An icon of the 60s and 70s, George Best’s style and charisma was perfectly captured on camera. Always humble and true to his roots, Best was frequently quizzed about his rise to fame, ties to Belfast and the glamorous lifestyle that captivated his fans.

To showcase some of his finest moments on film, we’ve compiled some of our favourite George Best interviews. From the early days of his budding career to the nostalgic reflections of This Is Your Life, join us as we step back in time…

George Best Interview Age 17

Then a wide-eyed 17 year old, George Best’s first TV interview is particularly charming. Expressing his early interest in football, this heartwarming clip shows a young George discuss the process of being scouted, leaving home, feeling homesick and being offered that all-important second chance by Sir Matt Busby.

It’s a fantastic look at George’s mindset at the beginning of his career, reaffirming the star’s natural flair for football and passion for the game.

George Best Interview on Football and Business

This rare interview nostalgically captures the early modesty of the football world. The 1960s saw professional players earn an impressive wage, but far off from the mind-blowing salaries of today.

This insightful interview delves into football wages and pursuing a business on the side of a sporting career. George explains how Matt Busby believes taking your mind off the game can be a positive. Best also highlights that while off the pitch, he finds it useful to fill his time productively.

The football star is also asked why he never pursued a pop career, to which he jokes, “If you heard me sing you’d know why!”

George Best Interviewed by Michael Parkinson

This in-depth George Best interview offers fans a look at George Best’s life and career aged 22. The feature covers George’s childhood, teenage years and incorporates thoughts from George’s mother, Anne.

Anne Best remarks that at one time, George had wanted to be a minister, adding “the football came first and when he got the opportunity he forgot about everything else.”

George is quizzed on his celebrity lifestyle and time off the pitch. Though it may come as a surprise from a young football star, the interview sees the Northern Irish footballer express a desire to settle down and marry. George went on to marry in his early 30s.

George Best Interview for Swedish TV

Capturing the infectious charm of George, this interview for Swedish TV is another of our favourites. The football icon talks about his childhood love for the beautiful game and discusses the hours of training required to become a great footballer.

George is asked whether he ever gets nervous before taking to the pitch, to which Best is quick to express that excitement for getting out there and playing doesn’t leave room for nerves.

George Best on This Is Your Life

Last but not least, we had to include the celebration of George’s life on the BBC’s long-standing TV programme This Is Your Life. George was featured on the show twice. This particular interview was the first time in 1971.

The episode welcomes several guests to the show, including George’s family members, those who helped shape his football career, his landlady and even his childhood nurse! The heartwarming, hilarious episode of one of the most iconic programmes ever made is certainly up there with our favourites. Covering his troublesome teens and moments of mischief, guests are also offered insight into George’s ‘tremendous heart and great temperament‘.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of fascinating George Best interviews and moments. There’s no denying that Belfast’s football legend remains one of the most celebrated football players of all time. Looking back on George’s childhood, career and good nature, it’s easy to see why!

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