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George Best’s Top Moments Playing for Northern Ireland

George Best is largely remembered as the best that football has ever seen.

As Best once said, “Pele called me the greatest footballer in the world. That is the ultimate salute to my life.”

Though the Northern Irish native made his mark playing for Manchester United, he never truly left his roots behind.

Representing his home country, Best showcased his passion for football and spectacular skills on the pitch for Northern Ireland.

So, to celebrate the absolute best of Best, we thought we’d take a look at his amazing time in the green shirt…

George Best Playing for Northern Ireland

Taking the football world by storm, it was only natural that George was a go-to choice for the national Northern Ireland team.

Mainly playing as a winger, Best was capped 37 times for Northern Ireland and scored a total of nine goals while playing for them.

Arguably the most famous goal of Best’s career was on May 15th, 1971 and it’s definitely one to watch time and time again!

The charismatic footballer scored the memorable goal at Windsor Park in Belfast against Gordon Banks.

The cheeky goal was disallowed on the basis of being “ungentlemanly” conduct, but the quick and smart moves made by Best certainly made a lasting impression.

Gordon Banks had been preparing to kick the ball downfield, but George impressively outwitted him, anticipating that Banks would drop the ball towards his left foot.

It was then that Best quickly swept in and sent the ball up into the air, leaving the duo to rush towards the net.

To his fans delight, it was George who managed to get there first and head the ball into the goal, with Banks unable to stop him.

The Northern Irish legend was best loved for his skilful dribbling and passing, and this particular goal was a classic case of Best’s quick thinking and charisma.

Another key moment of Best’s time playing for Northern Ireland was on 21st October 1967.

Winning 1-0, Best danced around Scotland’s players. Tommy Gemmill (tasked with marking Best) said it was like trying to catch the wind.

Sadly, Best never had the chance to represent Northern Ireland in a World Cup, so we can only imagine what that would have looked like!

During the peak of his career and fitness, Northern Ireland didn’t see enough success to reach the World Cup.

When the time came in 1982, Best was 36 years old and his days at the forefront of football had more or less come to an end.

The George Best Hotel

Celebrating the life and legacy of the world-famous football icon, The George Best Hotel is set to open its doors next year.

Situated in the heart of Belfast, we couldn’t be more excited to create this unique and themed hotel.

Following the success of The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool, The George Best Hotel is sure to achieve similar results.

Expected to attract football fans from across the globe as well as Belfast locals, the upcoming venue is set to offer guests a luxury experience.

The former Scottish Mutual building is set to be transformed into an 80-bedroom hotel, with support from the Best family themselves.

George’s sister Barbara McNarry told the press: “We are absolutely delighted to see George’s legacy being remembered and celebrated in this unique way in what is such a special part of the world for Georgie and our whole family.”

McNarry added: “To have the George Best Hotel in our beautiful city where tourism is now flourishing fills us with enormous pride.”

So, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the latest developments on The George Best Hotel.?

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