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Help Us To Find The Best George Best Stories and Photos

In a recent article from Belfast Live, an appeal was started by the George Best family to find the very best George Best stories and photos to be displayed in The George Best Hotel.

Norman and Barbara McNarry, George?s sister and brother-in-law, have set out in search of untold, touching and funny stories from George?s past. Asking fans and friends, colleagues and teammates to come forward with anything they have so that it can be collated into an impressive collection displayed in the George Best Hotel.

What We Have So Far

Together the family and our team have already collected a few interesting stories about the Belfast Boy, such as our article about what it was like to live with the superstar straight from the mouth of teammate and friend Tommy Cassidy.

‘We were at the cinema in Belfast on another occasion and George went to the front of the queue and paid everyone in. He wasn’t showing off, he just earned more money and wanted to help people out.’

We?ve even put together some of the best Best interview moments and George?s most memorable one-liners and inspirational quotes and some of the most amazing old pictures of George doing what he did best.

The George Best family have kindly donated some of their own personal much-loved mementoes such as a shirt signed by those who knew and loved George who attended his funeral service, a replica European Champs Cup and a silver Northern Ireland Cap.

The George Best Hotel is based upon the same principals as the successful and popular Bill Shankly Hotel in Liverpool. Using the same formula and working directly with those that knew George Best best, we aim to bring an exciting and unique Belfast hotel experience to those who visit.

What We Are Looking For

One of the things that have helped make The Shankly Hotel such a success is the desire people had to share the life of such a great man with his adoring fans and the public. Those who knew what such a project would mean to the people gave what they could, as far as stories, anecdotes, recollections, trinkets and memorabilia.

All of which is now displayed proudly for the public to see and enjoy.


Bill?s fans, friends, colleagues and team members came forward and shared their memories of him, some of which were transcribed and etched into the ceilings of our luxury hotel rooms.

At The George Best Hotel, we want to be able to share the touching, fond memories people have of one of the biggest names in British football and a favourite Belfast icon.

Stories about his time both on and off pitch, anecdotes about his life and what made him tick and any souvenirs that people might have from meeting the great man would make up the collection displayed at The George Best Hotel, remembering and honouring all that George Best was.


Items that are donated will be displayed in a George Best museum located within the up and coming George Best Hotel, throughout reception, the hotel rooms as well as the bar and restaurant areas, so all guests will be able to browse the interesting collection during their stay.

What to Expect From The George Best Hotel

Thankfully we?ve been able to work closely with the George Best family so everything we do is a joint effort to bring the best memories of George to the fans and those who want to know more.

The George Best Hotel

If you do contribute towards the collection soon to be housed at The George Best Hotel you could also be asked to become part of the lasting legacy by appearing in a short video reel that will loop in the hotel itself.

The same luxury and style that has proven popular in Liverpool with The Shankly Hotel will be applied to The George Best Hotel making it one of the most interesting, unique and glamourous places to stay in Belfast when doors open soon.

The George Best Hotel

We can?t wait to see what the public can offer towards making the George Best museum the best it can be, and look forward to learning as much as we can about George Best, his life and career.

Keep up to date with our progress and to discuss your donation or contributions to The George Best Hotel?s permanent collection get in touch here.