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High Price for George Best Memorabilia

George Best touched the lives of millions, wowing fans on the pitch and capturing the hearts of the general public as a superstar. Everyone wants a bit of Best in their lives to commemorate the life of a great man, so we?ve taken a look back at some of the George Best memorabilia that people paid a high price for.

Northern Ireland Football Shirt

Just this month, Best?s football shirt that was worn in a Home Nations Tournament match fetched ?22,000 at auction.

The long-sleeved number 11 shirt was worn in the match against Scotland in 1970, where they suffered a sad defeat.

Best?s passion for the game and frustration at being denied a free-kick led to his first ever red card for Northern Ireland.

The shirt was bought by a mystery bidder in London for more than double the price that was expected, showing the passion of the people who want George Best memorabilia in their life.

In 2008 the shirt was sold in Chester for ?2,760, meaning the latest sale was nearly a 700% increase on the last. An incredible increase that demonstrates just how far people are willing to go to own a piece of history for themselves.

George Best Faberge Egg


One of the most coveted George Best memorabilia is the limited edition George Best Faberge Egg. There were only 68 produced in 2006, the piece of art was created by Sarah Faberge, the great-granddaughter of the famous Russian Imperial Jeweller, Peter Carl Faberge.

When the Eggs were first produced, all the profits from sales went to the George Best Foundation.

In 2013, number 3 of the 68 was sold at an auction house in the USA for $31,608. The piece was originally from the personal collection of George Best memorabilia and features amazing attention to detail and tributes to the great footballer?s career.

The 1968 European Cup Winner?s Medal

In 1968 Manchester United made footballing history when they became the first English team to win the European Cup following their 4-1 victory over Benfica.

The Cup Winner?s medal was awarded to George Best to commemorate the victory and the title and was sold in 2010. Before the sale, the medal was expected to bring between ?90,000 and ?120,000 but blew everyone away with a final sale of ?156,000.

George Best amassed many awards and honours over the span of his career, including FWA Footballer of the year in 1967/68, the Ballon d?Or in 1968 and BBC Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002.

George Best Memorabilia at The George Best Hotel

The George Best Hotel in Belfast will serve as a museum and tribute to the man that changed football forever.

Following the footprint of the immensely popular Shankly Hotel in Liverpool, the hotel will feature George Best memorabilia, anecdotes from those that knew him best and celebrations of one of football?s heroes.

With the support of George Best?s family, we hope to create a lasting monument to the Belfast boy that touched the lives of fans all over the world.