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Exclusive First Look Inside the Iconic George Best Hotel

As we begin the count down to the grand opening of The George Best Hotel, it’s time to take a closer look inside this stunning development. So, enjoy an exclusive first glimpse at the interior of this iconic building and find out some of the big plans we have for this brand new Belfast venue.

From construction news to design ideas and exciting plans, work has officially begun and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store!

The George Best Hotel

The First Glimpse Inside…

We’re giving you a fascinating look inside what will be The George Best Hotel. Planned to open in late 2018, watch as Lawrence Kenwright and the Signature Living team explore this speculator building and outline what this magical hotel will offer to guests.

The luxury boutique hotel is a development of the Grade B1 listed Scottish Mutual Building and will celebrate the life of the iconic footballer, both on and off the pitch.

In the video, Lawrence explains how work has already started and they have finished ripping out the derelict areas of the building; “We now know what needs to be done.?It?s going to be an amazing hotel with stunning bedrooms and stunning bathrooms. Some of the rooms are planned to have four or five baths inside, so, I think it will bring a little bit of anarchy, as well as pleasure.”

At Signature Living, we pride ourselves on offering guests something completely different to the vanilla hotels. We offer truly unique experiences and accommodation options that you really won’t find anywhere else.

Lawrence continues; ” Even though the hotel is a dedication to George Best, it won’t just be for football enthusiasts, this luxurious hotel will offer something for everyone.”

“Every room within The George Best Hotel is going to be completely different to the next. We are taking inspiration from The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool, but sharpening our tools further to make it even better.”

The George Best Hotel

The George Best Hotel

The George Best Hotel

The hotel will feature unique, luxurious hotel suites, premium onsite amenities, a bar and restaurant, a breathtaking events and weddings space, plus an extensive museum that will showcase fascinating George Best memorabilia, kindly donated by the Best family.

Guests can expect to enjoy breathtaking interiors and stylish furnishings. Taking fashion inspiration from the man himself, our hotel will have a sleek air of sophistication, with beautiful creams and browns, bold gold detailing, clean wooden features and unrivalled historic character.

Our wedding and events space, above, will be fit for royalty with spectacular interior design, ornate features, chandeliers and stunning added extras that will ensure this venue is number one in Belfast.

The George Best Hotel

The George Best Hotel

The George Best Hotel

Born in 1946, George Best remains one of Belfast’s most treasured icons. Remembered for his electrifying performances for Northern Ireland and his unforgettable days at Manchester United, George Best radiated unrivalled talent and charisma that captivated hearts around the world.

Celebrating the life and legacy of this footballing legend, we hope to bring the love and adoration for George Best to this opulent hotel in the centre of Belfast.

While our themes are truly unique, the Signature Living decor and blend of contemporary and traditional style is what really sets us apart and leaves a lasting impression on our guests. We specialise in group accommodation, creating sociable and stylish rooms without compromising on space or privacy. Our accommodation spaces are a favourite for celebrating special occasions with groups of family and friends as well as couples in search of a short city break.

Lawrence states in the video, “As a man, George Best was extreme, so we want this building to reflect that. I don?t think there will be anything like it in the world, never mind in Belfast. I?ve never seen a hotel like ours.”

We really can’t wait to open this amazing hotel next year. If you’d like to stay updated with progress, follow our Facebook page.