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Plans For Lifesize Likeness Of George Best Landmark Unveiled

Soon Belfast will be welcoming a new landmark, a tribute to one of the world?s greatest footballers and Irish legend George Best. The life-size likeness of George Best will sit atop one of four new hotels in Belfast city centre, The George Best Hotel.

A New Belfast Landmark

The city of Belfast already has a long list of wonderful landmarks and the up and coming ?Beautiful Belfast Boys? statue will proudly find its place on the Belfast landmarks map.

hotels in Belfast city centre - George Best Hotel and rooftop statue

Visitors to Donegall Square will soon be able to gaze upwards and catch the eye of the Belfast icon staring down at them from the tower turret of one of the newest hotels in Belfast city centre.

This artistic joint venture between Signature Living Hotel Group and the George Best family will crown the finished hotel which will become a nirvana for George Best fans visiting Belfast.

Best?s likeness will serve as the pinnacle piece guarding a collection of other rare and exclusive George Best memorabilia to be housed inside this most unique of hotels in Belfast city centre.

George Best Statue "Beautiful Belfast Boy" - hotels in Belfast city centre

The Best family and his sister Barbara McNarry have lovingly gathered a selection of their own personal George Best mementos and donated them to the George Best Hotel so that his devoted fans and visitors to Belfast can enjoy them.

One Of Four Exciting Hotels in Belfast City Centre

As Belfast welcomes a surge of tourism in the coming years Signature Living Hotel Group look forward to helping boost the tourist economy of such a wonderful hotels in Belfast city centre coming soon

Plenty of attractions already pull crowds of people to the city each year and The George Best Hotel will certainly fall in among the cities favourite places to visit alongside for other exciting hotel and events ventures.

The success of Signature Living’s other heritage ventures all over the UK is born from the restoration of iconic buildings.

Through this respectful resurrection of lost landmarks like the Coal Exchange in Cardiff, now The Exchange Hotel or the White Star Line offices in Liverpool, now 30 James Street, Signature Living have breathed new life into forgotten pieces of heritage architecture.

Exchange Hotel Cardiff - example of restored hotels in Belfast city centre
Exchange Hotel Cardiff – formerly Cardiff Coal Exchange

Other fantastic buildings to join the list of landmarks restored are the Crumlin Road Courthouse, soon to become the 150 bed Lanyon Hotel and The War Memorial Building on Waring Street, soon to be The Waring Hotel.

One of the newest hotels in Belfast city centre - Lanyon Hotel
Crumlin Road Courthouse – soon to be Lanyon Hotel

Each of these will become hotels in Belfast city centre that will encourage exploration of the rich history associated with them, in the case of The George Best Hotel, celebrate the life and legacy of a remarkable public icon.

What George Best Meant To Belfast

Best was born in Belfast and spent the first formative years of his life in the city before being scouted for stardom and whipped away for football fame and glory.

People still honour George Best in Belfast today with numerous murals and even the city?s major airport is named after him.

Now with the opening of The George Best Hotel, crowned by a statue of Belfast?s native son watching over the city, Best?s legacy lives on and those who were close to the legend no exactly what such a touching gesture would mean to him.

hotels in Belfast city centre interior George Best Hotel
The vision of George Best Hotel interior

So, as much as The George Best Hotel will mean many things to many of his adoring fans, the real question is what it would all have meant to George, being remembered inside one of the newest and most exciting hotels in Belfast city centre.

Later in the year, we are looking forward to unveiling parts of The George Best Hotel to an expectant public, so stay tuned here for what?s to come.