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Signature Living Has Big Plans for Belfast

We are bringing the Signature Living touch to Belfast and could not be more excited for what our plans will mean for the historic city.

Belfast has already been recognised as the UK?s Best City by the Guardian and Signature Living will further promote into Belfast by helping visitors to experience as much of city’s interesting history and culture.

With great similarities to Liverpool, Belfast was an early leader in industry and commerce as well as the number one manufacturer of the first great cruise liners and not unlike Liverpool, Belfast has a fascinating wealth of maritime heritage. This background has provided Belfast with striking historical landmarks, examples of rich and affluent architecture and a reputation today as a fun and engaging city to visit.

Signature Living will be encouraging further growth in tourist traffic to Belfast, the city is already responsible for 50% of Northern Ireland tourism, by providing visitors with a fresh and unique style of travel experience.

The Signature Living touch affords guests an immersive visit and a one of a kind accommodation experience that focuses on providing lasting memories for visitors.

Our two up and coming Belfast Hotels each have something special to offer not only guests but also the city of Belfast. We are looking forward to what the future holds for both The George Best Hotel and The Lanyon and the exciting impact we will have on the city of Belfast.

The George Best Hotel


Located in the heart of Belfast?s fast pace city centre, The George Best Hotel will be the ideal base from which travellers can explore Belfast.

As with our previous heritage hotel ventures, in Liverpool with 30 James Street and Cardiff in The Exchange Hotel, Signature Living?s work with The Scottish Mutual building will focus on retaining it?s grandeur and significance to the city.



By renovating this ancient piece of the city?s landscape, giving it new life, Signature Living will be promoting the heritage of Belfast as well as helping others celebrate the present and look forward to the future.

Our George Best Hotel will be built to focus on history and culture as well providing a fun and unique hotel experience for visitors to enjoy.

Known as Belfast?s newest hotspot in town, The Linen Quarter is home to some of the city?s top restaurants including the most romantic Italian in Belfast, Fratelli, Rita?s quirky cocktail bar and China White a luxurious Asian inspired late-night venue.

All this is within a stone?s throw of The George Best Hotel giving our guests immediate access to some of the lively nightlife Belfast has become famous for.

As with The Shankly Hotel located at the heart of Liverpool, The George Best Hotel will be themed around the career and life of cities most iconic footballing personality, George Best.

The hotel will comprise of 80 luxurious suites that specialise in affordable group accommodation with the rest of the hotel providing exciting on-site amenities such as a bar, restaurant and events space.

Our George Best museum is set to hold some significant memorabilia associated with the player and footballing personality and will be on display for guests to see.

The George Best Hotel will attract visitors to Belfast with its unique style, affordable luxury and fabulous on-site amenities as well as serious Man Utd fans who followed the career of Best.

The Lanyon

The Crumlin Road Courthouse is a landmark structure that has been at the heart of Belfast?s most infamous trials. A stunning building full of intriguing history and now, almost twenty years since it?s official closure in 1998, Signature Living have stepped in to transform the derelict space into a luxurious hotel.

The 160-bed hotel will occupy the grand space of Crumlin Road courthouse complete with spa, pool and function space.

Set to be Signature Living?s toughest restoration challenge to date, according to Lawrence Kenwright, the 1850?s building has a magnificent fa?ade and impressive interior features that will make the task an enjoyable one and once completed will become a glorious Belfast hotel.

The Lanyon Hotel?s superb location makes it the starting point of an exciting journey exploring Belfast?s historic landmarks and cultural heritage.

The Lanyon Hotel is a short way from Belfast?s Cathedral Quarter, an area that is known for hosting live gigs, festivals and art show?s, as well as being home to some of the cities favourite bars and clubs.

Our guests will have access to all that makes Belfast a place worth visiting as well as giving them a unique insight into the cities intriguing past.

Much more than hotels

As with previous heritage hotels that Signature Living have created in Cardiff and Liverpool, there will be a significant boost in the tourism traffic to Belfast with our unique approach to luxury group accommodation.

Signature Living hotels introduce a new quality of bars and restaurants into cities, giving residents and visitors alike new and exciting social venues to visit. In both our Belfast hotels we will also host some fabulous events for the people of Belfast and our guests.

Our famed themed afternoon tea services have proven to be a hit in both Liverpool and Cardiff and we’re excited to bring this popular concept to Belfast.

Signature Living hotels welcome a variety of clientele including families, friends, couples and groups all looking to see and experience the very best of Belfast. Signature Living hotels provide visitors with an affordable, luxurious, city centre hotel accommodation giving a boost to Belfast?s already booming tourism industry.

As well as enriching the tourist experience in Belfast at Signature Living we work in partnership with the communities we operate in to organise apprenticeship schemes and hospitality training. The structure of Signature Living provides a spectrum of trades that young people can get involved in and many of the young people starting at apprentice level remain with the company following the end of their course.

The Future of Signature Living in Belfast

Signature Living hotels bring a huge bulk of tourism into cities up and down the country. Our guests travel from all over the UK and the world to come stay with us. Because of our continued success, we are proud to have contributed to the employment opportunities in the cities we operate in. We have a variety of skilled personnel that have worked with us over the last 9 years and will continue to employ more as we expand.

Right now our staff of 650+ are working with the UK?s most exciting and rapidly expanding accommodation providers and with every new venture, we create yet more opportunity for people to join us.

The Lanyon and George Best Hotel will boost tourism, employment and youth development opportunities for Belfast and its residents as well as giving people access to Belfast’s most glorious landmark buildings and new and exciting social spaces.

We cannot wait until both our Belfast Hotels are ready to accept their first guests and expect great things as a result of Signature Living?s arrival in Belfast.