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The Best George Best Songs & The Stories Behind Them

It?s no secret that football fans like to sing and with that said there?s no man with more songs to his name than George Best. The people simply loved his style, skills and cheeky charm so much they decided to pen ballads and tributes to celebrate his talent, career and his memory.

So, we?ve unearthed some of the best George Best songs, and a little about why they were written by their respective singers, bands and musicians.

We know there might be more out there too so if you?ve got a song about the Beautiful Belfast Boy to share please do so on our social media channels.

Here we go, sing along if you know the words.

For Those Who Love to Live – Thin Lizzie

Lead singer of Thin Lizzie dedicated this song to George Best when performing live because he was his favourite Man Utd player.

?Oh the boy he could boogie,

Oh the boy can kick a ball,

But the boy he got hung up,

Smooching in the stalls?

The lyrics seem to suggest that George Best might have been a bit of a ladies man, who knew?

Belfast Boy ? Electric Stars

A band of Manchester Utd fans, Electric Stars covered the original Don Fardon 1970?s hit in 2014 in order to raise money for a charity set up in his name.

?Cos you move like a downtown dancer,

With your hair hung down like a mane,

And your feet played tricks like a juggler,

And you weave to the sound of your name?

The song was released prior to the legendary footballers birthday on May 22nd 2014 and the lads wanted to get to number one with their song, with backing from major supporters such as Eamon Holms, George Best Foundation President, Sir Alex Ferguson and Bobby Charlton.

Echoes of Cheers ? Don Fardon

The B-side to the originally released and upbeat Belfast Boy single was a moody ballad which over time has proven to be longer lasting and more memorable than the A-side among die-hard Best fans.

?With the echoes of the cheers,

Ringing loud in my ears,

Where do I go from here??

The lyrics are somewhat prophetic to the football legends early resignation from the game at the age of 27.

I Love George Best ? The Devoted

Singing about the ?Best guy on the ball? and the ?young red devil with your Irish eyes? this pop group released I Love George Best on the back of his win at the Euro Cup Finals in 1968.

?There?s one guy who really knocks me out,

And sends me crazy too,

I love Georgie with the dimpled chin,

Madly yes I do?

Th B-Side track played another football related single paying homage to the United team as a whole.

Georgie Boy ? The Lawrence John Project

A wonderful tribute song to George Best written in November 2005 by Irish country singer and songwriter, Lawrence John, the night he heard about George’s death.

‘You thrilled the world,

You were the greatest of them all,

You made us proud and had us standing tall?

The tune is from the well-known song Danny Boy and was played in the run-up to George?s funeral raising ?1000 proceeds of which were donated to the George Best Foundation.

When George Died ? Louis Philippe

A ballad tribute to George Best upon his death was written by Louis Philippe or Philippe Auclair as he?s known in other circles.

?But you could make them dream,

As they dreamt they could never dream?

The singer-songwriter, Philippe served as a sports correspondent for the BBC as well as a football journalist and his touching lyrics speak of the power that Best had to make his fans believe.

A Great Man Remembered Forever

From the beginning to the end of his short career George Best dazzled the world with his charming, good looks and incomparable football skills. The George Best Hotel will serve as a testament to George?s achievements both on and off the pitch as well as his life before, during and after an unforgettable sporting career.

Thanks to the George Best family Signature Living will be able to bring the story of George Best to his many existing fans in Belfast and those visiting the city for holidays. If you have any other songs, chant or lyrics about George Best that you?d like to share with us please do so via our social media channels.